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Why Executive Coaching?

As a leader, you truly want to work differently. Create a compelling vision. Play on a bigger playing field. Make the bold gesture. Focus on what really matters.

You know it won't be easy. Maybe you've worked before at learning new behaviors, and for a while you changed. Then, autopilot kicked back in. And all the old habits returned, with predictable results.

You need a fresh perspective. That's what executive coaching can do for you.

For many executives, Executive Coaching is a defining experience -- a whole new way to look at work, a way to really "get it" in the gut, and the only way to make it stick.

Coaching 101

The purpose of this course is to give clients a basic understanding of the role of coaching in life and in the workplace, and to introduce them to basic coaching techniques. It is brought to you by Landau Coaching Associates, a Leadership Development and Executive Coaching organization. Our clients are major corporations in Financial, Entertainment, Medical Services, Technology, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing sectors.  Participate in this workshop and receive valuable insight, methods and techniques that will help you start your journey as a coach.

The training course consists of 8 weekly sessions to be held in person, via the phone or both. The training sessions may be on an individual or small group basis.

Topics Include:

  1. What is Coaching? How does it work?

  2. Active Inquiry

  3. The Role of Assessments in Coaching

  4. Coaching Internship

  5. How Assumptions Affect Your Life and Your Job

  6. Behavioral Styles in Coaching

  7. Common Coaching Challenges

  8. Overcoming Obstacles


To signup for our Coaching Courses and receive your certificate, please contact us now.