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Why Executive Coaching?

As a leader, you truly want to work differently. Create a compelling vision. Play on a bigger playing field. Make the bold gesture. Focus on what really matters.

You know it won't be easy. Maybe you've worked before at learning new behaviors, and for a while you changed. Then, autopilot kicked back in. And all the old habits returned, with predictable results.

You need a fresh perspective. That's what executive coaching can do for you.

For many executives, Executive Coaching is a defining experience -- a whole new way to look at work, a way to really "get it" in the gut, and the only way to make it stick.


Speaking Engagements

SIM – Panel –                                    "Why CIO’s  Fail                                                         Sept. 2005
mPRm                                               "Make the Leap! from Management to Leadership”    Nov  2006
CIO Breakfast                                  “Why Leaders Fail – and What to Do About IT!”         Feb.  2007
County of Orange                            “Turn Up Your Teams!”                                                Sept. 2007
CIO Breakfast                                  “Soft Landing – Take Charge of Your Transition!”       Feb.  2008
TENG  - San Fernando Valley           “Soft Landing – Take Charge of Your Transition!”       July   2008
TENG  - Orange County                   “Soft Landing – Take Charge of Your Transition!”      July   2008
SCQAA  - Agoura Hills                      “Soft Landing – Take Charge of Your Transition!”      Nov   2008
SIM (CIO Organization Orange Cnty)    "Adaptive Leadership"                                          Sept. 2009
SIM (CIO Organization Los Angeles)    "Adaptive Leadership"                                            Jan. 2010



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