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Dianne Landau Landau Coaching Associates
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BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn without Blowing it!

Peggy Klaus

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Welcome! dianne landau
The mission of Landau Coaching Associates is to assist leaders and their teams in getting to their next level! That means exceeding their visions, maximizing their talent, and inspiring others to achieve their highest potential in an environment that fosters creativity and teaming.

Landau Coaching specializes in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development for Leaders and their Teams in Information Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, Entertainment, Consumer Products.

Workshops, Seminars, Training, Keynote Speaking

spacer Adaptive Leadership - Soft Skills for Hard Problems
spacer Make the Leap! from Management to Leadership
spacer Turn Up Your Teams – Team Building!
spacer From Pain to Polish – Powerful Presentations!
spacer From Soup to Nuts – Project Management
spacer Soft Landing – Take Charge of Your Transition!
spacer Coaching 101 – Basic Coaching
spacer Why Do Leaders Fail – and What to Do About It!
spacer GenderSmart – Improving Communications between Men and Women
spacer On Board Coaching – The First 100 Days!


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"You have done a wonderful job with our leadership team. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! My never-ending thanks."

Richard Jones, CIO
Countrywide Financials and Fiserv

Dianne is better than money in the bank! She’s quick, concise and right on the mark. Her insight, advice and direction help people focus, understand and rapidly achieve their goals. She is an executive herself, and immediately “gets” what people are saying and thinking. She also provides good advice and has creative suggestions that her clients and audiences don’t think of themselves.

Mary Beth Garber, President
Southern California Broadcasters Association

Dianne has a very effective coaching style that balances the business and human elements of leadership. She has worked with several of our key executives and helped them push through some hard spots in their leadership development and team effectiveness. This has resulted in a much more aligned and effective Leadership Team. The results of her coaching were so noticeable to some of the other members of the team, that they have requested that she be allowed to coach them too! I would highly recommend Dianne for any executive coaching needs.

Jim Gerwien, President and CEO of BBA Industries & Ontic Aviation Engineering


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