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Our Newest Product!

Soft Landing: Take Charge of Your Transition!

The Life-Changing Seminar Every Transitioning Professional Should Experience

“This was the best speaking event we’ve ever had! Dianne's presentation was great, well thought-out, and well organized. Having Dianne give workshops at your events will get you lots of kudos!” She has great examples and stories, and is very relaxed. She was very well received by our attendees, and brought to light many new insights on her topic.”

Al Strong, President of CPS

"This is the one Seminar you can’t afford to miss!”

soft landing


5 Reasons To Take Charge of Your Transition NOW!

checkmark Avoid the BIGGEST mistake that people make in job interviews!
checkmark You need a “Soup to Nuts” approach to your job search. Learn about our Transition Roadmap!Donec at libero.
checkmark Do you have a resume that pops to the top of the pile!? We can help you!
checkmark Over 70% of Management and Leadership positions are filled via networking. Learn how to overcome discomfort and “mine” your network!
checkmark Receive dynamite interview techniques!


“The presentation struck a personal chord with me and is a motivational catalyst.”




Our clients have come from all walks of life and after working with our Soft Landing method, many have landed in terrific companies including: Dreamworks, Kaiser Permanente, CB Richard Ellis, CSC, the County of Orange and more!

How did they do this?
By adopting LCA’s (Landau Coaching Associates) tried and tested methods!
By following our Transition Roadmap
By learning how to develop punchy resumes that get attention!
By using the 3-foot rule to help them network
By taking charge of their interviews and selling themselves!
By being creative and getting out there!

Take Charge of your Transition now! Order your DVDs or CDs, for yourselves or your friends.


"I had the pleasure of meeting Dianne Landau when she recently spoke at a CIO event in Los Angeles. At this event, Dianne’s topic was "Soft Landing – Take Charge of Your Transition!” She provided great insights into managing and furthering one’s career. As a former Executive at Countrywide, Dianne has great depth of knowledge and experience and knows “what works” in organizations. Some of her top qualities are that she gets great results, is very personable, and is an expert Executive Coach! Dianne is someone I would recommend to any organization!"

Tak Fuji – CIO of The Olsen Company

What partcipants have to say about “Soft Landing” workshops

“Dianne, your presentation is wonderful and very relevant for senior executives!”

“Excellent presentation!”

“Outstanding! I was willing to participate a second time and still got a lot out of it!”

“Great presentation style”

“The workshop was excellent, very easy to listen to, motivating and focused! I’m ready for the next step.”

“You were GREAT!”

“The presentation struck a personal chord with me and is a motivational catalyst.”

“Great material and on target!”